Representing Louisville — Kentucky's 3rd Congressional District

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KY 3rd Congressional District Candidates – Comparison






Physician and Surgeon for over 30 years

Attended Columbia, Harvard and UCLA

Full-time faculty at UCLA

Clinical faculty at UofL

Past editor of Louisville Medicine

Congressman for past 8 years

Attended Yale

Stock broker

Past editor of Louisville Eccentric Observer


Supports a balanced budget amendment

Opposes raising the federal debt ceiling

Supports lowering corporate tax rates

Supports Right to Work

Opposes Card Check

Repeal employer mandate of ACA

Restrain Federal Reserve

Restrain EPA regulations of businesses

Opposes a balanced budget amendment

Supports raising the federal debt ceiling

Opposes lowering corporate tax rates

Opposes Right to Work

Supported Card Check


Repeal and Replace ACA

Healthcare for every American

Transparency and Competition

Prevent Gov/IRS access to medical records

Supports ACA

Prefers Single Payer government run healthcare system

Gov access to medical records integral to a single payer system


Build the fence

Enforce the laws

No citizenship for illegal aliens

Opposes the fence

Believes the border laws are being enforced

Supports amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens


Opposes EPA war on coal

Supports Keystone XL pipeline

Supports energy independence

Supports EPA war on coal

Opposes Keystone XL pipeline

Minimum Wage (FMW)

Opposes a 40% increase in FMW

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Supports a 40% increase in FMW


Supports school choice

Opposes school choice



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Yarmuth and Grimes' Shared Hypocrisy

Yesterday, Alison Grimes and John Yarmuth launched a joint attack on Republicans, this time attempting to raise fear among senior citizens about social security and Medicare.  Yarmuth said McConnell “lies to his constituents,” while Grimes accused McConnell of wanting to privatize social security and “gamble” seniors’ wages. This is not only a bald-faced lie, it’s the lowest form of fear mongering and political malfeasance.  

It appears that Ms. Grimes and Mr. Yarmuth have more than their dishonesty in common.  While they are out campaigning to raise the minimum wage, both Grimes and Yarmuth have family restaurant businesses that pay minimum wage to their employees.  

Mr. Yarmuth’s Sonny’s BBQ employment practices have been chronicled in a Florida newspaper, the Ocala Post.  Not only do they pay minimum wage but they are converting full-time workers to part-time to avoid providing health insurance as mandated by ObamaCare.

Now Ms. Grimes’ shares a similar hypocrisy that has been reported by CNN.  The Grimes business, “Hugh Jass Burgers,” not only pays their workers just $2.13 per hour, but they feature menu items named after women’s body parts, like: “Charlotte’s Rack” and “Abby’s Hugh Jass”.  Does Grimes really have the beef to declare a war on women as the cornerstone of her campaign?  Of course not!

It is clear that both Yarmuth and Grimes are cut from the same cloth.  Our local media works tirelessly to protect both of them from public scrutiny and keep their constituents in the dark.

So let’s review the facts for ourselves:

On Minimum Wage – Both Grimes and Yarmuth pay minimum wage or less at their own businesses.

On Healthcare -  Neither Grimes nor Yarmuth supply health insurance benefits to all their workers.

On the War on Women – While Mr. Yarmuth’s business is cutting hours from working women with children, Ms. Grimes is shaming and ridiculing women’s bodies with sexist names for menu items.  

Kentucky deserves better leadership.  Kentucky deserves honest leadership.  Both Grimes and Yarmuth are hypocrites and neither deserves your vote.

 This November you will have a choice to express your disapproval of Grimes and Yarmuth.  You will have the opportunity to make this right.  It’s time to stand up and make your voice and your vote known.  Send a clear message that this hypocrisy will not be rewarded.

Dr. Michael Macfarlane

Congressional Candidate for Kentucky-3 District


1 Ocala Post on Aug 23 2013.

2 (Chris Frates, Scott Zamost, “Grimes and her family's Hugh Jass Burgers,” CNN, 10/20/14)


Ebola Virus and Politics

I, like you have been following the stories concerning Ebola around the country and particularly at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. This morning we awoke to discover that a Dallas nurse who had treated patient Thomas Duncan who succumbed to Ebola last Wednesday, has now tested positive with the infection. She was fully aware of the patient’s diagnosis and used full CDC isolation precautions including gown, gloves and mask while she cared for the patient, yet she still has fallen victim to the disease. Her sacrifice to care for a sick patient is exactly what healthcare providers do on a daily basis.

Each new Ebola infection triggers an elaborate and expensive protocol of contact screenings and monitoring of hundreds of potential people in addition to decontamination procedures by hazardous material professionals. Routine care at a hospital with infected patients will be impaired. Texas Presbyterian has temporarily halted new emergency room admissions. It should be apparent that the situation could easily become overwhelming if more cases are encountered. We are presently out of the new experimental drug ZMapp, which has already been credited in saving the lives of other healthcare workers. The medication is a biologic of monoclonal antibodies and it takes time to produce.

Unfortunately, the Ebola topic has become a part of the political debate for the upcoming midterm elections. Is the federal government doing all that is necessary to prevent a major out break in the United States? Presently the disease is endemic only in a few West African nations where presently over 4,000 have already died.

The Federal response at this time is to set up screening facilities at major airports in the U.S. for travelers who have already entered the country. Each passenger will need to be evaluated based on their most recent travel destinations, undergo a mini-medical examination, and then have a decision made whether or not to allow them entry, begin further monitoring, a quarantine or hospitalization. I do not envy anyone who must make that call. Public health is at stake.

Common sense on the other hand would suggest treating such a deadly disease at its source rather than bringing it into the US. Common sense would also suggest curtailing unnecessary travel to and from these endemic countries temporarily, at least until we have more immunoglobulin and better procedures in place to ensure infected individuals do not get on planes. To be clear, travel bans would not restrict aid and humanitarian work in endemic countries or travel for medical professionals who are working to stop a pandemic at its source. We need a common sense approach and we need it quick.

Unfortunately common sense seems to be lacking in our government at every level. Fortunately for us, the people still have it and will soon weigh in.

Michael Macfarlane, M.D.
Candidate for KY 3
rd Congressional District 


The Minimum Wage Debate

The Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor was one of the earliest promoters of the idea of a Labor Day to celebrate America’s labor movement in the 1880s.   Its leader and the majority of its members were Catholic at that time, and they both promoted the working class and acted as a labor union, yet rejected socialism.  Catholics have had a long tradition of supporting the working class and promoting a living wage.  As a Catholic, I hold to that tradition. 

As a physician, I was taught the importance of carefully evaluating the plan of treatment.  Though our intentions are good, those treatments often have unintended consequences.  To provide the best care, we must constantly weigh the risks vs. the benefits of any medicine or surgical procedure.

The same careful evaluation of political remedies is necessary because like in medicine, good intentions are not enough.  Too often what seems to be a good solution may have disastrous consequences down the road.  Take, for example, the subprime mortgage fiasco. The good intentions of those who wished to make it easier for people to become homeowners nearly collapsed our entire banking system. Similarly, raising the minimum wage is a simple solution to a complex problem, and it will have serious adverse consequences. If only it were so simple that we could just mandate every employer pay his employees more money and presto, the problem of poverty would be solved!  Little in life is that simple.

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Yarmuth Fact Check

Today, Mr. Yarmuth was on WHAS Great Day Live. Lets check some of the statements he made.

Minimum Wage

In support of his call for raising the minimum wage Mr. Yarmuth stated, “nationally, the purchasing power of the minimum wage today is 30% less than it was 40 years ago”. Checking the statement against data from the non-partisan Pew Research Center and the Department of Labor one can see that the inflation adjusted value of the minimum wage changes almost yearly based on changing economic conditions.

Since its inception in1938, the average and median inflation adjusted minimum wage was $7.09. That means the purchasing power of the minimum wage today ($7.25) is better than it has been on average since 1938.

Mr. Yarmuth selected the highest one-year inflation adjusted value of $10.34 that occurred in 1968 to get that number. Curious!

Equal Pay for Women

In support of his false claim of unequal pay for women, Yarmuth stated “right now a woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same work”. This statement is entirely untrue!

Raw census data shows that the income of all women is 77% of the income for all men. This raw census data does not break down pay by the kind of job performed. In fact, when education level and specific jobs are studied, women earn the same as men for comparable work. Today more women are graduating from high school, college and medical school than men. Liberals like John Yarmuth further suggest that this non-difference is evidence of sex discrimination bias.

Shame on Congressman Yarmuth! Some people will do anything to get elected.


Courier-Journal Op-Ed: GOP and the West End

One Louisville

Recent efforts of the Republican Party at outreach into the West End of Louisville and the African-American community are meeting with resistance. While the Democrat Party has had a near monopoly with local African-American voters, many in that community are finding that their situation has steadily deteriorated in nearly every measure after decades of Democrat leadership. They are realizing that more government involvement is not the solution to their problems. Better education, jobs, and security in their person and homes are the road to independence and happiness...

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U.S. Territories Catch a Break From Obamacare

U.S. Territories Catch a Break From Obamacare



The Affordable Care Act is back in the news. Again. There’s been a change to the law from the top-down. Again.


Last week the Department of Health & Human Services decided to unburden the U.S. territories of several of the law’s requirements.


So residents in Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands are finally off the hook. No Obamacare for them. When will those of us on the continent get so lucky? Once again the Unaffordable Care Act looks like the law that anytime Health & Human Services doesn’t like something, they can just change it.


Sadly, it took a near total collapse in availability of medical insurance for the territories to get any relief. Individuals weren’t given any subsidies and no one was required to pay.


With confusion over the availability of subsidies in the majority of states, and a likely case before the Supreme Court on the matter soon, the collapse in the territories strikes close to home.  Already we’ve seen greater overcrowding of our emergency rooms and undercutting of charity services.

Congressman Yarmuth helped write this bill, and was a key player in its passage and the communication of its message. He claims to have read every word, and most certainly knew it wouldn’t turn out as promised. Remember the Great Lie? If you like your current plan and doctor you can keep them? Perhaps the President can even be forgiven some here. He most certainly did not read or write the bill, and perhaps misunderstood some of its 2700 pages. No such benefit of the doubt can be granted to John Yarmuth. He was elected as a public servant, a Representative of the people, and he lied to all of us for years, finally admitting the truth to Joe Arnold late last year.

John Yarmuth crafted the most destructive law in American history, and he perpetuated a blatant lie on the American people and every Louisvillian in order to see it through. This most egregious violation of the public trust cannot be forgotten, and it will not be forgiven.


Fighting Hunger

Yarmuth Votes NO on Fighting Hunger Incentive Act of 2014



Yesterday, Representative Yarmuth voted NO on a bill to extend expired provisions that provided a tax deduction for businesses to donate their food inventory to charitable organizations.  The bill easily passed with bipartisan support, including all of the Kentucky delegation with the exception of Yarmuth, and with the support of the American Farm Bureau Federation and the National Restaurant Association.

This deduction has existed since 1976 and only expired last year.  According to the American Farm Bureau, without the tax write-off, "it is cheaper in most cases for these types of businesses to throw their food away than it is to donate the food."


Tearing Down Walls

President Reagan knew how important it was to free all people to pursue opportunity, growth, and happiness. He knew that to do so meant to tear down the walls that separate us. 9th Street is the wall that has made us two cities, but no longer. We are spreading the message of opportunity, growth, and happiness to all the people of Louisville, and with faith and hard work, our wall, too, will fall.


VA Scandal - Another Broken Promise

President Obama promised our Veterans that he would cut red tape and waiting times at the VA Hospitals.  Now we find that up to 40 patients may have lost their lives because of sham waiting lists at many VA hospitals.  Despite good doctors and nurses, the bureaucracy of the VA prevented patients from getting timely appropriate care.  The institutionalized problems of the VA system are what you can expect under Obamacare when it is fully implemented.


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