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ObamaCare - Worth It or Not?

Now that the ObamaCare enrollment deadline has passed (or has not since the administration keeps moving the target), we can try to assess whether it was all worth it.  It would seem to me that the decisive factor in determining success for those who support ObamaCare would be the number of uninsured individuals who obtained insurance from the program, minus those who lost their insurance because of the law.  Remember, healthcare reform was pushed to remedy the supposed 30-40 million people without insurance.  So did ObamaCare fix the problem?  Was ObamaCare justified in disrupting the healthcare of this country, forcing people to participate and causing great sacrifice for the millions of people who already had coverage - increasing insurance premiums, increasing deductibles and out of pocket expenses, limiting access to care, doctors, hospitals and networks?  We haven't even seen the worse part of ObamaCare.  That will become evident after the November 2014 elections when the employer mandate kicks in.

The answer – we don’t know!  Once again those who developed the most expensive website in the history of the world without security or a backend, costing a half billion dollars, didn’t think to ask the question – “Were you covered by any health insurance during 2013?”

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CBO – Obamacare a disincentive to work.

CBO – Obamacare a disincentive to work.  Yarmuth continues to try and defend the flawed law.

This week the Congressional Budget Office reported their updated predictions on the effects of Obamacare. 

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Obamacare Broken Promises

This video originally posted on gives a nice review of some of Obamacare broken promises.

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Big Insurance Bailout

Congressman Yarmuth has been one of the loudest supporters of ObamaCare.  He not only admits to having read the whole bill but even claims to have a hand in writing it.  Now we are learning of the provision in the law referred to as “risk corridors” that provides for a taxpayer bailout of big insurance companies if their profits are not as predicted?  ObamaCare depends on at least 40% of enrollees being healthy young people who will pay for the sicker individuals.  So far young people don’t appear to be buying in on this scheme.  Should taxpayers really be expected to bailout big insurance companies that can afford a CEO that needs a private company jet for his daily commute?   Congressman Yarmuth voted for the Wall Street bailout in 2008.  Will Congressman Yarmuth support repealing sections 1341 and 1342 of the Affordable Care Act and prevent the taxpayers from bailing out big insurance company CEOs?

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Yarmuth Votes No

Rep. Yarmuth voted NO Friday on the “Keep Your Health Plan Act,” which would have allowed Americans to keep their health insurance without paying a financial penalty to the government.  That’s right: Even though the President promised you could keep your existing insurance under Obamacare—and Mr. Yarmuth went along with the ruse—Mr. Yarmuth has now voted against a bill that would keep the President’s promise.

Of course, Mr. Yarmuth admits he knew the President’s promise wasn’t true; he knew millions of Americans couldn’t possibly keep their current insurance under Obamacare, though he remained silent while the President repeatedly made a promise he couldn’t keep.  So perhaps Mr. Yarmuth’s vote against your ability to keep your current insurance is, in a perverse way, consistent with his view all along.

But what does this mean for the patient who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and doesn’t want to change her policy in the middle of treatment and risk losing her doctor? In a word: tough.  Mr. Yarmuth apparently believes Obamacare is more important than the health and finances of real people who will suffer real consequences under Obamacare.

It’s time for America to repeal Obamacare and for Louisville to retire John Yarmuth.

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Yarmuth Admits He Knew of the Big Lie

Congressman Yarmuth admits this week in an interview with WHAS that 'President Obama “made a big mistake” when he repeatedly guaranteed that no Americans would lose their current health insurance plan” under the ACA.'  Yarmuth went on to say “We knew that that was not possible…”  “The federal government can’t tell an insurance company to sell a certain policy or not.”

The fact is, that is exactly what the federal government is doing.  It is telling all insurance companies they must sell a certain policy and only that policy.  That is why they are forced to cancel the policies we presently have.  In addition they are telling us that we must buy it whether we like it or not, regardless of cost.  That is why 10 times as many Kentuckians are losing their health insurance than the Kentucky exchange is providing.  It should be clear to everyone that Congressman Yarmuth has not been forthright regarding the ACA.  If he knew the President was repeatedly telling the American people something false, didn’t he have an obligation to his constituents to warn us?

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Dr. Michael Macfarlane Announces Candidacy for 3rd Congressional District

LOUISVILLE, KY – Today, Dr. Michael Macfarlane of Louisville, Kentucky, announced his intentions to run for Congress in Kentucky’s 3rd Congressional District.

Dr. Macfarlane released the following statement:

“I am excited to be announcing my candidacy for Kentucky’s Third Congressional District. As a practicing physician and surgeon, I am extremely passionate about my profession, and would like to bring my vast experience in the healthcare field to Kentuckians, especially as we are faced with complications from the Affordable Care Act and its effects on Kentucky jobs and small businesses. I am a career surgeon, not a career politician; and I truly believe that I am the right prescription for Kentucky’s Third Congressional District.”

Dr. Macfarlane, a resident of Louisville since 1992, has practiced urologic surgery at Jewish Hospital, Norton Healthcare, and Baptist East. His fellow doctors recognized his expertise by voting him a “Top Surgeon” in Louisville Magazine. He has also written and published a popular medical handbook for students, residents, and practitioners; as well as authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. 

He is an active member of his community and has been a member of Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church in downtown Louisville for 15 years.  He currently resides in Louisville with his wife, Deidre, and his daughter, Kelly.

You can visit his website at

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