The government must do what it can to promote job growth and then get out of the way.  The government does not create jobs, but it can create the right environment for businesses to flourish with low taxes, safe and adequate infrastructure, and minimal but effective regulations.  A robust job market with high wages would help address many of our economic and societal problems.  When the job market is strong and people are working:

  • People feel good about themselves.
  • Fewer people need unemployment payments.
  • Fewer people are on welfare.
  • Fewer people need help paying for healthcare.
  • More people are paying taxes and the burden on government diminishes.
  • Everyone wins.

But that’s not what we have now.  Under a high-tax, high-regulation federal government, we have record unemployment rates and fewer people participating in the work force.
Poverty is up and minorities are suffering most.  The President’s marquee legislative achievement, Obamacare, compounds the problem by killing jobs. It encourages businesses not to hire more than 49 employees and to use part-time employees rather than full-time employees.  That’s no way to help America recover.

As your congressman, I will work tirelessly to reverse this trend and to help America regain its former status as the world’s economic powerhouse.


Every American wants access to affordable high-quality healthcare. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is the wrong solution. It is anything but affordable and will diminish quality and personal control over healthcare decisions.

Americans recognize that Obamacare is the wrong prescription for America, as they have shown in poll after poll.  But the federal government has gone ahead with it anyway.  I stand with the American people.  More freedom, more personal choice, and more free-market principles are what American healthcare needs, not more government control and bureaucracy.  Make health insurance policies private, personal, portable and fully tax deductible.  All of the dire predictions about Obamacare are now coming true as the implementation of the law proceeds.

As your congressman, I will fight to repeal Obamacare and to minimize the federal government’s role in healthcare.

Deficit Spending

Our federal government has lost its common sense.  Every household knows that we cannot continue to borrow money forever.  We must stop borrowing money and stop the ever-expanding national debt, now over $17 trillion.  This debt threatens to impoverish our children and to diminish their future.

The Federal Reserve printed $40 billion per month in 2012 and and $85 billion per month in 2013.  Congress appears to know no limits and refuses to balance its budget.   We now borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend.  Deficit spending is at the heart of our country’s economic problems.

I will work as your congressman to bring the federal government’s spending under control, and eventually to eliminate deficit spending except in times of genuine emergency.


Americans welcome people who wish to become Americans and obey our laws.  After all, we are a nation of immigrants.

But immigration must be rational and lawful; just as we are a nation of immigrants, so are we a nation of laws.  Therefore, we must secure our borders and enforce the laws already on the books.  After—and only after—we have accomplished that, we must find a humane and fair way to address those who are already here illegally.  If elected, this is the approach I will take as your congressman.


We must put more emphasis on primary and secondary school education.  Despite record spending, our children are still lagging behind.  The best higher education in the world is not enough if our children are ill-prepared to take advantage of it.  We need to introduce more choices, especially in our underprivileged areas.

We must provide our teachers and students with the schools and tools to start life with some hope of success.  School choice is an option that should be re-considered along with charter schools.

Primary and secondary education must prepare our children for world-class higher education.  Universities should be made more economical so students are not stuck with burdensome debt after graduation.  Student loan interest rates must be kept low.


Everyone consumes energy every day; it is an input to all of our homes and businesses.  So when energy costs rise, the cost of virtually everything we do and buy goes up, too.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has run wild under the Obama administration, imposing enormously costly restrictions on energy production of all kinds and artificially driving up the cost of energy.  The Obama administrations senseless opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline will not stop the pipeline but only hurt the U.S.

Coal is a major employer in Kentucky and supplies 90% of our electric energy.  High electricity costs will be detrimental to businesses like Ford, UPS and GE that employ thousands of Louisvillians.  Higher electric bills will effect every Kentuckian, particularly the poor and middle class.  John Yarmuth supports the administrations war on coal.  He has voted against limiting the EPA from its regulatory cap and trade agenda.

With new technology we can responsibly utilize our resources without harming the air we breathe and the water we drink.  However, we must raise the environmental standards in a responsible and realistic fashion that will not destroy an industry so important for our entire state.  We all want a clean environment. 

Second Amendment

I strongly support the second amendment right of all citizens to own and carry arms.  The right to defend your life and family is a basic and primal right.  Guns merely level the field so the strong cannot dominate the weak.  It is the federal government’s job to protect that right, not abridge it.  As your congressman, I will do just that.


We Americans owe an incalculable debt to our veterans. They risked their all to secure our liberty. We owe it to them not only to provide all the care and support they need arising from their service to us, but also to guard against the erosion of the liberties they fought to protect.

I spent three years as chief of the urology service at a VA Hospital in Los Angeles and served on hospital committees that oversaw the care of our veterans.  I have personally attended to the needs of thousands of veterans first-hand, and I understand the frustrations that can occur in the bureaucratic system.  As your congressman, I will work tirelessly to support veterans and to safeguard the liberties they fought for.


The best kind of tax is low, flat, and fair.  That’s not what we have today at the federal level; rather, we have an enormously complex, nearly incomprehensible tax system that penalizes hard work that results in success.  I will work as your congressman to build a federal tax system that encourages hard work and lets Americans enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Term Limits

I support term limits on members of Congress and Senators, just as we have for the President.  Washington has become a city of special interests and lobbyists working to influence a wealthy professional political class.

John Yarmuth has been in Congress for 8 years, equivalent to the limits on the presidency.  It is time to bring Mr. Yarmuth home, to stay.


As a physician, I am certain that that human life begins at conception, however primitive it appears at that time.  I have had the great honor of delivering many babies.  I have also had the unfortunate experience of seeing abortions.  The Hippocratic oath, which I took at my medical school graduation, has been considered a rite of passage for all practitioners of medicine around the world for thousands of years.  It states “I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly, I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy”  I am pro-life.

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